Blinstrubs manors

In various periods, Blinstrubs owned various manors, villages and folwarks. The oldest of them, mentioned in the inventory of Batakiai eldership compiled in 1558, was Pašaltuonis-Kulvertiškiai manor in Viduklė countyD459. It was probably also the first patrimony of Blinstrubs de Towtwil.  At the same time or little bit later, the second patrimony appeared – Blinstrubiškiai (Viduklė-Paalsė) or Alsa manor in Viduklė county, mentioned in written sources in 1586, which was also the major patrimony of Blinstrubs de Towtwil. Later Blinstrubs also owned other manors, the largest of them were Pašaltuonis-Žvirblaukis-Dūdiškės (Dūdlaukis) and Raulų-Numgaliai-Kempaliai manors, in Viduklė county. Then Blinstrubs owned manors of Kulva, Babtynas, Deltuva, Utena, Pajuostis, Pabalčiai, Macaliai, Gabšiai-Gabšiškės-Paklaniai, Dapšioniai, Ugioniai, Daujotėliai, Czechowo and many other manors and folwarks. Some manors were patrimonies, inhabited by one or another branch of the family. Some manors were acquired, others acquired as wives’ dowry and some taken over for debt. Similarly, over time, some manors became property of others – they were sold, given to daughters as dowry, or left sons as legacy.

About Blinstrubiškiai (Viduklė-Paalsė), Kulva, Pajuostis manors and Stanley W. Blinstrub’s Boston nightclub Blinstrub’s Village, which can also be treated like a manor, you can read by clicking on the appropriate links in menu.

In the map below you can see all major Blinstrubs patrimonies – manors, folwarks and estate villages owned or ruled in 16-19th. centuries  ( – manor; – folwark or estate village.  – patrimony of Blinstrubs de Chrzczon (The map can be zoomed with +- and watched in full screen).

Below you can see a list of various manors and folwarks owned by Blinstrubs

IDPersonName of manor or folwarkParish or countyDate of first mentioning or acquiringDate of sale or donation
906George Melchior BlinstrubBabtaiBabtai1702.04.20
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilBalalučiaiViduklė1616.01.26
W046Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonBarbaraitiškiaiViduklė1623.11.15
859Samuel Mosis Blinstrub de TowtwilCzechowoAriogala1659.00.00
1021Samuel Stephan BlinstrubCzechowoAriogala1692.05.05
W046Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonČiukiškiaiViduklė1623.11.15
847Sebastian Blinstrub de TowtwilDainiaiViduklė1599.06.01
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilDeimantiškiaiRaseiniai1618.07.18
859Samuel Mosis Blinstrub de TowtwilDijokiškisKulva1643.07.31
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilGargasai1631.08.27
540Casimir BlinstrubGeviliaiViduklė1654.07.06
W046Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonJaunaitiškiaiViduklė1623.11.15
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilKiburiškiaiViduklė1616.01.26
918Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilKondratiškiaiAriogala1663.11.30
859Samuel Mosis Blinstrub de TowtwilKulvaKulva1643.07.31
879Carl Blinstrub de TowtwilKulvaKulva1684.12.05
S037Samuel Blinstrub de TowtwilKulvaKulva1684.12.05
S038Theodore Blinstrub de TowtwilKulvaKulva1684.12.05
895Dominic Blinstrub de TowtwilKulvaKulva1767.12.01
896Anthony Blinstrub de TowtwilKulvaKulva1778.06.23
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilLepežiai Laukuva near KiaunupisRaseiniai1665.07.04
918Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilMackūnai JagučioniaiAriogala1635.11.281663.11.30
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilPadubisys SutkevičiaiRaseiniai1601.11.231609.10.20
859Samuel Mosis Blinstrub de TowtwilPajuostisUpytė
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilPakultėViduklė1604.06.21
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilPaliepiaiViduklė1635.05.23
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilPamedžiaiViduklė1602.07.17
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilPamedžiai BaltrušiškėViduklė1631.08.02
843Caspar Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilPašaltuonis-KulvertiškiaiViduklė1583.10.05
845Simon Blinstrub de TowtwilPašaltuonis-KulvertiškiaiViduklė1600.05.01
839Stanislaus Blinstrub de TowtwilPašaltuonis-KulvertiškiaiViduklė1600.05.01
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilPašaltuonis-KulvertiškiaiViduklė1600.05.01
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilPašaltuonis Dūdiškiai ŽvirblaukisViduklė1631.08.271637.06.15
W004Michael Blinstrub de ChrzczonPašaltuonis Dūdiškiai ŽvirblaukisViduklė1637.06.15
W005Stanislaus Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonPašaltuonis Dūdiškiai ŽvirblaukisViduklė1648.05.29
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilPašiliaiViduklė1598.11.20
863Boguslav Peter Blinstrub de TowtwilPašiliaiViduklė1665.01.24
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilPetkaičiai VarkaliaiViduklė1641.11.26
847Sebastian Blinstrub de TowtwilPetrikaitiškiaiViduklė1599.06.01
859Samuel Mosis Blinstrub de TowtwilPodleszczyznaKulva
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilRowle NumgoleViduklė1635.10.13
W046Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonRowle NumgoleViduklė1623.11.19
W004Michael Blinstrub de ChrzczonRowle NumgoleViduklė1625.01.25
W005Stanislaus Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonRowle NumgoleViduklė1648.05.29
W007Priest Adam Blinstrub de ChrzczonRowle NumgoleViduklė1698.10.19
W043George Blinstrub de ChrzczonRowle KempaliaiViduklė1629.01.06
W014Norbertas Blinstrub de ChrzczonRumšaičiai PašaltuonisRaseiniai1783.03.10
W046Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonSaldeitiškiaiViduklė1623.11.15
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilSujainiaiViduklė1604.03.26
861Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilSujainiaiViduklė1632.02.04
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilSutkaičiaiRaseiniai1618.07.17
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilTarpupysViduklė1599.04.021604.06.21
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilUgioniaiAriogala1611.09.25
866Stephen Blinstrub de TowtwilUgioniaiAriogala1668.06.301672.04.12
867David Blinstrub de TowtwilUgioniaiAriogala1668.06.301672.04.12
853Adam Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilUgioniai NargėlaičiaiAriogala1595.12.201597.05.01
843Caspar Blinstrub Alsiszki de TowtwilViduklė Alsa (Blinstrubiškiai)Viduklė1586.01.08
860Johannes Blinstrub de TowtwilViduklė Alsa (Blinstrubiškiai)Viduklė1631.08.27
906George Melchior BlinstrubViduklė Alsa (Blinstrubiškiai)Viduklė1734.03.14
W046Casimir Blinstrub de ChrzczonVirgainiaiViduklė1623.11.15
1074Peters Blinstrub de TowtwilVizgirdaiViduklė1698.01.21