VUL historical sources

Historical sources of Vilnius University Library

IDDateNameFondInventoryCaseDoc. No.Pages
D0121617.02.28S11 Adam Blinstrub buys a quarter of the Viduklė manor from Stanley and John Vizgirdas for 80 graves.7ZZT622787243404-406
D0131617.03.21Testament of Martynas Blinstrubowicz, Stanley's son7ZZT622787390682
D0141617.05.26Jurgis Bilevičius complaint that S11 Adam Blinstrub, the son of Kaspar, scold at him in Raseiniai.7ZZT622787466730
D0151589.06.24Complaint of S3 Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki, that servant of George Vainiotas stole three horses of his sister Polonia Šimonaitienė Blinstrubaitė.7ZZT409682306375-376
D0161589.07.03S3 Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki complaint that judge George Vainiota demoslished the gate of his sister Polonia Blinstrubaitė Lauksėdis manor.7ZZT409682389301-302
D0171589.07.01Judgment in S3 Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki case against Bartholomew Paulavičius for beating 2 servants and stealing horses.7ZZT409682508477-478
D0181589.07.01Judgment in Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki case against Bartholomew Paulavičius concerning lands occupied by Bartholomew in Viduklė district near Butkiškė village.7ZZT409682512488-489
D0191590.04.01Sebastian Vaitkevičius pledges Pamedžiai manor lands to Kaspar Simon's son Alsiszki. The manor called Blinstrubs is mentioned in the document.7ZZT583444544536
D0201597.05.1S11 Adam Blinstrub, son of Kaspar, sells Nargelaičiai, near Ugionys, to George Baltrimavičius and his wife Elizabeth.7ZZT581117154324-325