VUL historical sources

Historical sources of Vilnius University Library

IDDateNameFondInventoryCaseDoc. No.Pages
D0121617.02.28ID853 Adam Blinstrub buys a quarter of the Viduklė manor from Stanley and John Vizgirdas for 80 kopas.7ZZT622787243404-406
D0131617.03.21Testament of ID1084 Marthine Blinstrub (Blinstrubavicz). He leaves to his wife Agnetha Daujotaitė one third of Viduklė county Pašaltuonis, Štaškiai and Viduklė manors7ZZT622787390682
D0141617.05.26Jurgis Bilevičius complaint that ID853 Adam Blinstrub, the son of Kaspar, scold at him in Raseiniai.7ZZT622787466730
D0151589.06.24Complaint of ID843 Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki, that servant of George Vainiotas stole three horses of his sister Polonia Šimonaitienė Blinstrubaitė.7ZZT409682306375-376
D0161589.07.03ID843 Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki complaint that judge George Vainiota demoslished the gate of his sister Polonia Blinstrubaitė Lauksėdis manor.7ZZT409682389301-302
D0171589.07.01Judgment in ID843 Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiszki case against Bartholomew Paulavičius for beating 2 servants and stealing horses.7ZZT409682508477-478
D0181589.07.01Kaspars Blinstrub Olsiszki complaint against Bartholomew Paulavičius over ploughed land near the village of Butkiškiai (transribed into cyrillic)7ZZT409682512488-489
D0191590.04.01Sebastian Vaitkevičius pledges to ID843 Caspar Simon son Blinstrub Olsizki Pamedžiai Sirutėņai land of Viduklė county for 5 kopas (transribed into cyrillic)7ZZT583444544536
D0201597.05.01ID853 Adam Blinstrub, son of Kaspar, sells Nargelaičiai, near Ugionys, to George Baltrimavičius and his wife Elizabeth.7ZZT581117154324-325
D2411588.06.28Statement by Dorothy Moscowite, captured in 1582 at the Battle of Pskov of the Livonian War, by ID854 George Blinstrub, that she will neve try to run away and will faithfully serve his sister Anna Radavičienė (transcribed in cyrillic)7ZZT14588119113
D2421598.10.05Letter from George Beinart's peasants Martin and Michael Krepštinavičiai to Adam Blinstrub confirming that they expelled the illegal resident Joseph Lukashevich7ZZT14611195355-356
D2591599.06.01ID847 Sebastian Blinstrubas, Peter's son, sells the Petrikaitiškės and Dainiai manors in Blinstrubs, in Viduklė county to Vaitiekus Vizgirda7ZZT14613180353-354
D3111589.06.18Complaint of Kaspar Blinstrub Alsiškis' servant George Domeika against Melchior Belevičius for beating him in Raseiniai tavern (transcribed in cyrillic)7ZZT14589264262
D3121599.07.03Adam Blinstrub, son of Caspar, sells back for 50 kopas to Florian Pashkevich his former Paškaičiai manor in Viduklė county7ZZT14613480962
D3131599.10.20W6 Christopher Blinstrub, son of Michael, pledges to his wife Dorothy Stanislavičiūtė a half of Blinstrubai manor in Viduklė county for 60 kopas7ZZT146135051013-1014
D3141600.05.01ID845 Simon Blinstrub sells to ID839 Stanislaus Blinstrub Pašaltuonis manor on Šaltuona river in Viduklė county7ZZT146164692-93
D3151601.04.20Adam Piasecki sells to Adam Blinstrub and his wife Berniškiai lands on Alsa and Kudrė rivers for 100 kopas7ZZT14618286590-591
D3171601.01.20Adam Blinstrub's complaint that Vaitiekus Stanislavicius and Matas Lenartavicius cut down a part of the forest in his Viduklė county Rinkai land7ZZT1462078168-169
D3181601.11.23Šimkevicienė sells Padubisys Sutkevičiai manor in Raseiniai county with villages and lands for 100 kopas to Adam Blinstrub7ZZT146214487-88
D3191602.01.25Valentas Ivanovic pledges to Adam Blinstrub a part of Trapenai manor in Viduklė county for 30 kopas7ZZT14621258532-533
D3201604.06.21ID853 Adam Blinstrub de Towtwil sells Tarpupė and Pakultė manors in Viduklė county to John Toliat for 250 kopas7ZZT14626170349-350
D3211604.06.20ID853 Adam Blinstrub de Towtwil donates to John Toliate Paravniai land of Pakultė manor7ZZT14626170a350-354
D3221604.03.26Sale act of Sujainiai Manor in Raseiniai county of Christopher Sadovsky to Adam Blinstrub for 866 kopas7ZZT14626206419-420
D3231604.03.26Confirmation act of the sale of Christopher Sadowski's Raseiniai county Sujainiai manor with villages to Adam Blinstrub for 866 kopas7ZZT14626207421-422
D3241605.08.20Michael Tundevicki hands over to Adam Blinstrub the Sujainiai manor pleadged earlier to him by Christopher Sadovski after Adam has paid Christopher's debt 564 kopas7ZZT146282134-35
D3251606.01.13Adam Blinstrub borrows from Sebastian Kestort 228 kopas. In the event of non-recovery, he agrees to allow the debt to be recovered from his Sujainiai manor in Viduklė County7ZZT14628170342-345
D3261605.06.12ID853 Adam Blinstrub donates Sujainiai manor in Viduklė county to his wife Euphemia Stirnelyte7ZZT14628259501
D3271611.09.25Wojcech Blinstrub, son of Stanislaus, exchanges his part of Ugioniai manor to ID853 Adam Blinstrub's Kulvietiškė land7ZZT1463476121-123
D3281611.05.07Sebastian Blinstrub, son of John, sells lands for 20 kopas to his nephews George and Wojcech Liulevičiai7ZZT14634427713-714
D3291611.05.01Catherine Frilich sells two servants from Siriškiai manor in Viduklė county to ID853 Adam Blinstrub for 60 kopas7ZZT14634472787-790
D3301616.01.22ID839 Stanislaus Blinstrub, son of Peter, donates a third part of Pašaltuonis manor in Viduklė county to his wife Marina Dabkevičiūtė7ZZT14635214404-406
D3311616.01.27Mateus Blinstrub, son of Michael, sells to his brother Christopher for 20 kopas Kulvietiškės folwark of Pašaltuonis manor in Viduklė county7ZZT14635255483-484
D3321616.01.26Adam Blinstrub takes Balalučiai and Kiburiškės folwark and Užpelkiai village pledged to him for 900 kopas by Adam Škliarovski 7ZZT14635291563-566
D3331615.02.03Receipt that Peter Palecki received 800 kopas from Adam and Euphemia Blinstrubs for pledged Viduklė manor in Viduklė county7ZZT14635312606
D3341615.02.03Letter by Adam and Euphemia to the Blinstrubs confirming that they bought back Viduklė manor in Viduklė county, pledged to Peter Palecki7ZZT14635316612
D3351623.10.06David Mostvil sells half of Ugioniai manor in Ariogala county to Adam Blinstrub and his wife Euphemia for 206 kopas7ZZT146433056-57
D3361623.11.19W46 Casimir Blinstrub, son of Bartholomew, sells Rowle manor of Viduklė county to nobleman Ambralevich for 350 kopas7ZZT1464371132-135
D3371623.11.15Casimir Blinstrub, son of Bartholomew, buys Virgainiai, Čiukiškė, Jaunaitiškė, Barbaraitiškė and Saldeikiškė manros in Viduklė county from Samuel Kamarnik for 800 kopas7ZZT14643176332-333
D3381624.01.30W43 George Blinstrub, son of Bartholomew, pledges Viduklė manor to wife Susanna Wereczinska for 400 kopas7ZZT14643323616-617
D3391625.01.20W46 Casimir and W45 Adam Urbanowicz Blinstrubs sell part of Rowle lands and servant Jurgaitis to brother W4 Michael for 300 kopas7ZZT14644424904-905
D3401629.01.06W43 George Blinstrub, son of Bartholomew, exchanges a quarter of Rowle Kempaliai manor into the lands of Daniel Blinstrub, son of John7ZZT146461937-38
D3411629.01.11ID853 Adam Blinstrub's peace treaty with Jerome Adamkevich, earlier accused of seducing his peasantry in Upyna village7ZZT146462243-44
D3421628.10.29W46 Casimir Blinstrub de Chrzczon with his wife sells several villages of Viduklė kopas for 1200 kopas to Adam Uvainis7ZZT14646160313-314
D3431636.11.26Extract from the case of Tribunal of Grand Duchy of Lithuania confirming that George Blinstrub de Towtwil did not say anything offensive to Lithuanian cupbearer Vladislav Monvyd about his debts7ZZT1464769
D3441636.03.22W43 George Blinstrub de Chrzczon sells a field in Blinstrubs to ID846 Bartholomew Blinstrub de Towtwil, son of Peter and his wife Eve Meiniunaite for 30 kopas7ZZT14647100207-208
D3451635.01.27Samuel Blinstrub de Towtwil with wife Zofia Janzlauskaitė transfers Kučkiai mansor in Ašmena county to Stanislaus Dzevaltauskas7ZZT14647208403-404
D3461632.02.04ID857 George Blinstrub de Totwil, son of Adam, donates his part of Sujainiai manor to brother ID860 John Blinstrub7ZZT14647407788-789
D3471637.06.15John Blinstrub de Towtwil, son of Adam, sells manor of Pašaltuonis Žvirblaukis Dūdiškės for 1000 kopas to W4 Michael Blinstrub de Chrzczon, son of Bartholomew.7ZZT14653210455-457
D3481637.05.20John Blinstrub de Towtwil, son of Adam, sells a field in Kražiai to Matijošius Kazimiersky for 60 kopas7ZZT14653231499-500
D3491640.02.10Adam Blinstrub, son of Kaspar, sells Čepaitis, a servant of Ugioniai Manor of Ariogala County to Arnolf Bagdonavičius for 25 kopas7ZZT14655431390-391
D3501639.10.12Stanislaus Laucevičius sells part of Paškiškės manor with lands in Viduklė county to John Blinstrub de Towtwil for 212 kopas7ZZT1465657128-129
D3511648.02.02George Blinstrub with his wife transfers Pakolskiai manor in Kražiai county to Merkel Stirnelis7ZZT14657815-18
D3521644.01.15Stephen Blinstrub de Towtwil pledges Pakruoja Vismanteliai manor on Kruoja river for 1200 kopas to John Juknevicius and Elena Blinstrubaitė Juknevicienė7ZZT146573571-72
D3531642.05.20ID860 John Blinstrub de Towtwil exchanges Pamedžiai, Diamentiškės, Mikolajiškis and Latviįkiai lands in Viduklė county to Mateus Vitkevičius Paalsė Vitkiškiai manor lands7ZZT146575298-99
D3541647.08.16Letter of vaznis John Pashkevicius concerning leaving summons of Konstantin Galovin to the Royal Secretary John Blinstrub of Viduklė Manor and other nobles7ZZT14657145244
D3551647.10.21John Neczevski complaint against Kristina Montvydaitė Blinstrubienė and her sons Stanislaus and Christopher Blinstrubs de Chrzczon concerning an attack to his servants in Rowle7ZZT14657267371
D3561648.01.13Jonas Blinstrub's complaint concerning escaped horse by fault of a servant of Geronimo Kirchenstein's Vainiutiškė manor of Pajūrys county.7ZZT14657318415
D3571648.01.13Peter Zablocki's summons of Samuel Vizgirda to John Blinstrub's servants concerning Paalsė forest7ZZT14657327421
D3581649.10.10Letter of vaznis John Vorona, who left summons of Pernarava voivodeship elder Dinova to the Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to John Blinstrub 7ZZT14657565596-597
D4461609.10.05ID919 Gertrūda Šimkevičiūtė Blinstrubienė and her sons Peter, Johannes, Michael and Christopher hand over the Kelmijai field in Viduklė county to stepson Adam Blinstrub 7ZZT146334264
D4471609.10.10Mateus Blinstrub Michael's son pledges servant Stasys Tarvolaitis with his family from Trapėnai manor in Viduklė county to Stanislaus Beinort for 40 kopas7ZZT1463377122
D4481609.10.05Adam Blinstrub and his wife Euphemia, hand over Kelmijai field to stepbrothers Peter, Johannes, Michael and Chrisopher in exchange of fields of Umpiškė and Kraviliai of Viduklė manor and Vadeliai meadow7ZZT1463384132-133
D4491609.10.20Adam Blinstrub sells Padubisys Sutkevičiai manor in Raseiniai county to Adam Piasecki for 60 kopas7ZZT14633155250-251
D5171692.09.05The case of king's secretary ID878 Vladisllaus Blinstrub de Towtwil against Tverai elder Stephan Stankevičius regarding beating of his wife Jadvyga Kybartaitė Blinstrubienė, mowing of Balandžiai field of Rukiškiai Paciškiai folwark in Raseiniai county and the encouragement of Vladislaus peasants to revolt 7ZPT342742-743
D5211574.05.20Wojtech Vizgirda, son of Johannes, sells two parts of a ravine by the Šaltuona river to ID843 Kaspar Blinstrub, son of Simon7ZZT14575175374-387
D5251584.10.05ID848 Laurentius Blinstrub, Peter's son and his wife Kristina Bertoševičiūtė sold to Adam Laurinowicz and Katherine Druktenyte Laurinavičienė the lands of Plaktiškiai Veldomiškiai of Pašiliai, located in Karšuva eldership7ZZT14581323431-432
D6931665.07.11Aleksandras Zaviša pledges 4 peasants of the village of Kuigaliai of Žeimiai manor for 800 zloty to ID859 Samuel Moses Blinstrub de Towtwil, nobleman of the duchy of Samogitia and Kaunas county and to his wife Katherine Galmantaite.5A4931
D6941646.09.05The case of ID860 Johannes Blinstrub de Towtwil against David and Johannes Lenartavičiai.7ZPT144644481
D6951646.11.03ID858 David Blinstrub de Towtwil and his wife Elena Vėlavičiūtė sell half of Linkaučiai manor near the Linkava river of Upytė county to Johannes Chirosz and his wife Sofia Čekavičiūtė and the other half to Johannes Kosinski and his wife Anna Vėlavičiūtė for 400 kopas. The manor was once owned by Peter Daugėla and then passed to Michael Vėlavičius after he married Peter Daugėla's daughter Kristina Daugėlaitė, who bequeathed the manor to their daughter Elena Vėlavičiūtė, the wife of David Blinstrub.7ZPT1446411266-269
D6961667.12.28Johannes Albrecht Bogdanowicz, the roayl courtier, transfers to ID909 Anna Brinkauskaitė Blinstrubiene, the wife of king's secretary ID860 Johannes Blinstrub de Towtwil, villages of Novaičiai, Kudaičiai and Kaderai of Šiauduva County, which were granted to them according to the privilege of the King Johannes Casimir.7ZPT99
D6971672.02.18Letter of guarantee by W6 Christopher Blinstrub de Chrzczon to Alexander Puzina regarding the manor of Pašaltuonis of Viduklė county.7ZPT4799-100
D6981692.05.05Testament of ID1021 Samuel Stephen Blinstrub de Towtwil, owner of the manor of Czechowo of Ariogala county. He distributes the money received from the manor pledged to Franciszek Liaudanski to the churches, hospitals and monasteries of Ariogala, Betygala and Tytuvėnai, leaving the right to redeem the manor to his uncle, King's secretary ID878 Vladislaus Blinstrub. Asks to be buried in the church of Ariogala.7ZPT101213-214
D6991692.10.12ID867 David Adam Blinstrubas de Towtwil, a cupbearer of Ukmergė and his wife Alška Uvainytė take over the manor of Milžuvėnai of Viduklė county from Chrysostom Gelgaudas.7ZPT177372-373
D7001692.11.20Act of banishment of the King's secretary ID878 Vladislaus Blinstrub de Towtwil.7ZPT202428-429