Family tree

Family trees of Noble Blinstrubs family

The scheme of Family tree of Blinstrubs de Towtwil blazon Swan originally was created 1886.08.04, under the period of occupation of Russian Empire, in the office of Vilnius noblemen deputy assembly and updated couple times later. It begins with John Blinstrub who was born in the end of 17th. century and ends in 1894. The original of this family tree is stored in Lithuanian State Historical Archive. There are no daughters listed in the tree, many male descendants are missing and it contains some major mistakes as well. In the original tree 124 Blinstrubs are listed.

Only Blinstrubs, who legitimized themselves and their children at the Vilnius and Kaunas noblemen deputy assembly, are included in the tree scheme. Legitimization took place in several stages. The first legitimization of Blinstrubs, coat of arms Swan, was made in 1798. April 10th. The photo below shows Blinstrubs included in the initial legitimization phase – George (ID8), Adam (ID537), Michael (ID9), Francis (ID10), Peter (ID5), Joseph (ID1), Bartholomew (ID4), Andrew (13), Vincent (ID125), Joseph (ID123), Joseph (ID14), Ignatius (ID6), Francis (ID15), John (ID16), Michael (ID18), Joseph (ID17), Thadeus (ID7) ir Mateus Bernard (ID110).

In legitimization of 1835 June 4th, following Blinstrubs are listed – Tomas (ID79), Leon Adam (ID98), Tomas (ID97), George Joseph (ID78), Theodore (ID77), Humphrey Barnabas (ID76), Simon George (ID75), Ignatius Stephen ID248), Francis (ID15), John (ID16), Casimir (ID71), Jacob Victor (ID70), Michael (ID18), Wladyslaw (ID52), Romuald (ID51), Joseph (ID17), Theodore Benedict (ID39), Ignatius (ID6), Joseph (ID123), Joseph (ID14), Peter Joseph (ID124), Andrew (ID13), Mateus (??), John (ID136), Stanislav (ID137), George (138) and Peter (ID11).

Digitalized and extended version of this family tree you can find below.  In that tree several historically proven branches has been added by Stanislovas Algimantas Blinstrubas from Šiauliai, Viktoras Blinstrubas from Vilnius, Josef Blinstrub from Germany, Vaida Blistrubyte from Varniai, Juozas Kazimieras Blistrabas from Kuršėnai and the author of this website. In case you have a documented branch of your Blinstrub family, which have connection to this tree, you are welcome to contact us.

Main family tree of Blinstrubs de Towtwil blazon Swan

The page needs sometimes to be reloaded, in order to see the picture of Main family tree. Family tree is also available for download as PDF file. Last update 2020.05.07. 814 persons.

The Family tree above begins with Wojtech Blinstrub. Who were his parents is still unknown, but there is some information about ancient Blinstrubs who lived before John. Based on various historical sources, it was possible to create a Family tree of Ancient Blinstrubs. The tree begins with Simon’s children Peter and Caspar, who were first owners of Alsa (Vidukle-Paalsė alias Blinstrubiškiai) manor. Family tree of Ancient Blinstrubs you can find below.

Family tree of ancient Blinstrubs de Towtwil blazon Swan

Family tree is also available for download as PDF file Last update 2020.03.14. 97 persons.

Another family of Urbanowicz Blinstrub de Chrzczon used own blazon Wręby. First family tree of this branch was created and legitimized in Vilnius noblemen deputy assembly in 1798.03.10. The original of this family tree is stored in Lithuanian State Historical Archive. An updated family tree of Blinstrubs of blazon Wręby you can see below.

Family tree of Urbanowicz Blinstrubs de Chrzczon blazon Wręby

Family tree is also available for download as PDF file. Last update 2020.03.14. 66 persons.