In this section we provide links to historical facts and historical documents related to the Blinstrub family and used on the site. Documents are mostly written in polish and russian. The list will be constantly updated. Tables can be sorted by clicking on the column name.

Lithuanian State Historical Archive

IDDateNameFondInventoryCaseDoc. No.Pages
D0011886.08.04Family tree of Blinstrubs blazon Swan3918256587-88
D0021866.04.25Family tree of Blinstrubs of Chrzczon blazon Wręby3918256585-86
D0031827.00.00Blinstrub family description in the manuscript of Jan Piotr Dworzecki-Bohdanowicz heraldry Herbarz Litewski written in 1827-18403919278230
D0041841.07.17Nobility legislation act of ID539 Joseph Peter Blinstrub including information about his father and grandfather as well as aquisition dates of Pužai Gabšiai-Paklaniai and Dapšioniai manors3917990181-182
D0051702.04.20Sale act of Babtai (Bopty) manor between Upyte Marshal and the Sasiai county elder George Melchior Blinstrub of Towtwil (S62) with wife Elena Puzynianka Blinstrubiene of Kozelski and John Prozor11198158-161
D0061857.01.17Legislation case of Ukmergė district Blinstrubs7082678
D0081786.03.10 Ownership act confirming that ID1 Joseph, Peter and Bartoholomeus took ower ownership of Pužai Legotiškiai alias Pabalčiai estate 2841112479
D0091796.02.01Donation act and testament of Gabšiai manor of ID14 Joseph284114781-83
D0101789.02.16Sale act of John Marcinkevičius where he's selling different things to Joseph Blinstrub, Kaunas treasurer2841139172-173

Other sources

IDDateNameSourceFondInventoryCaseDoc. No.Pages
D0071923.04.09Joseph Blinstrub Australian naturalisation caseAustralia national archiveA112403