Blinstrub family blazon is Swan. Blazon represents two swans – one of them sitting on a crown helmet, other standing on a red background shield. Under historical sources, the blazon was created in 1109 for one of danish kings. Polish historian Jan Dlugosz in his historical books writes that blazon Swan was brought from Denmark to Poland by Peter Dunin (Piotr Duńczyk) who settled down in Poland in the begining of 12th. century. Ex regno Dacie ortum habens a Petro, qui in Pooniam venerat cum multis divitiis et thezauris, plures in ea ex muro fabricavit ecclesias… Viri in ea pacifici, ab ambitione magistratuum alieni. In 1413 after signing the Horodl Union lithuanian nobility got  right to use the blazon Swan in Lithuania.
Swan isn’t exclusively Blinstrubs blazon. More than 60 polish – lithuanian noble families own it.