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IDDateNameFondInventoryCaseDoc. No.Pages
D0211639.00.00List of Kulva Blinstrubs items remaining in Kedainiai941499
D0221640.00.00Letter from Daniel Lakavičius authorizing Samuel Blinstrub to reclaim his land in Kulva from Jurgis Kulvinskis and Bartholomew Lakavičius941457
D0231643.05.27Summons to the Supreme Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for Peter Jerome and Jadwiga Mislinskaite Radziejewski in a case with Samuel and Ona Žaltyte Blinstrubs regarding outstanding debt941470
D0241643.07.31Act of Sale of Kulva Manor and Dijokiškės Village in Kaunas County to Samuel Blinstrub of Petras Jeronimas and Jadvyga Kulvinskienė Radziejevski and her son Vaitiekus Kulvinskis 941471
D0251645.11.30Summons to Stanislovas Kulwinski a nobleman of Kaunas County, in a case with Samuel Blinstrub regarding the payment of the Wallachian tax by S. Kulwinski for the village of Ciudai of Kulva Manor941477
D0261651.07.09Letters from Kaunas county tax collectors Jonas Mingaila and Stephen Koplevski confirming paid taxes of Lithuanian Grand Duchy armee from Diakiškė, Bartoniai and Vilchatov villages of Kulva Manor of Samuel Blinstrub941492
D0271653.07.10ID859 Complaint by Samuel Moses Blinstrub to Kaunas County Land Court against Stanislovas Teklinski and Stanislovas Cersky, who rob him and escaped941493
D0281655.06.01Letter from Jonas Volodkovich notes that he bought back village of Drąseikiai in Kulva Kaunas county, pledged to Samuel Blinstrub by his mother Catherine Naruševičiūtė Volodkovičienė941497
D0291656.12.21Receipt of Nemunaitis elder Theodore Alexander Lackis of borrowing 300 Polish zloty from Samuel and Catherine Galmontaitė Blinstrubs941500
D0301657.05.03Bond of Plemberg elder Adam Jusevich and other nobility confirming borrowed 540 zloty to Samuel Blinstrub941501
D0361659.10.28Receipt of Nemunaitis and Rodūnė Elder Theodore Alexander Lackis from Samuel and Catherine Galmontaitė Blinstrubs borrowing 100 Polish zloty941503
D0371660.07.11Report of Samuel Blinstrub, a nobleman of Kaunas county, about peasants escaped from Kulva manor in Kaunas county941504
D0381662.03.25Letter from the Samogitian Duchy Court to Stanislov Jablonski in a case with Samuel Blinstrub of Kulva concerning denial of the pledge of Chechov manor in Ariogala district.941506
D0391662.08.26Letter from Samuel Moses Blinstrub de Towtwil pledging to his wife, Catherine Galmantaite-Blinstrubiene Kulva Manor and Dijokiškė folwark in Kaunas county for 20000 polish zloty.941508
D0401667.08.02Letter from George Kulwinski and his wife Elena Kulwinska that they sell the farms of Kulva Manor Jurkovszczyzna, Michniovszczyzna, Kazluszczyzna to Samuel Blinstrub941513
D0411670.05.26Letter from Kulva Manor noblemen Daniel Gelgud and Kristina Liutkevičiūtė-Gelgudienė selling to Kotryna Galmantaite-Blinstrubienė the Jonkučiai farm on Kulva manor for 500 zloty941516
D0421673.09.10Letter from Barbara Vendziagolskiene-Kulwinska, Stanley Šveikauskas and Darata Kulvietytė-Šveikauskienė selling her son's and brother's David Kulwinski land caled Koslovszczyzna in Kulva Manor to Samuel Blinstrub941521
D0431675.03.21Letter from Kėdainiai Evangelical Reformer Michael Minvydas to Moses Blinstrub in Kulva941523
D0441676.01.04Testament of Catherine Blinstrubiene-Galmantaitė, third wife of Samuel Blinstrub, in which she leaves manors of Kulva, Pajuostis and Čėkuva as well as other property to her children.941526
D0451679.00.00Letter from Royal Secretary Wladislaw Blinstrub de Towtwil promising Carl Blinstrub and his wife Elena Budrevičiūtė-Blinstrubienė of Kulva manor to approve the sale letter.941534
D0461680.00.00Letter from Samuel Blinstrub of Kulva to Karol Blinstrub for recognition of his military document941538
D0471680.03.04Receipt of Euphemia Blinstrubaitė Varlauskienė to Karl Blinstrub for taking 5000 Zloty left by her father Samuel Moses Blinstrub and waiving rights to Kulva, Pajuostis and Panevezys manors.941535
D0481681.11.04.Jonas and Konstantinas Podleckiai sale act of Kulva Manor in Kaunas County for 3300 zloty to Karl Blinstrub941539
D0491684.00.00Dividing act of the movable property and small belongings of the Kulva and Deltuva manors between brothers Theodore, Bogdan, Alexander, Carl, Wilhelm and sisters Catherine and Joanna Blinstrub, children of Samuel Moses Blinstrub941544
D0501684.12.05Confirmation letter from Carl, Samuel and Theodore Blinstrubs, sons of Samuel Blinstrub, thet they received rights to manor of Kulva Manor and it's farms941543
D0511685.00.00Letter from Captain Karol Tyman committing Vitebsk's vajski Carl Blinstrub to approve act of transfer of part of Kuchinski's house in Kaunas941546
D0521685.00.00Letter from Carl Blinstrub de Towtwil from Kulva Manor in Kaunas County pledging Valius Mikaitis, a serf of Bosiai village of Kulva Manor with a family and a house for 300 zloty to Kaunas Secretary of State Adam Prozor941545
D0531686.00.00The asecuration and the letter of Carl Blinstrub, the owner of Kulva Manor, confirming the transfer of the serf Valius Mikaitis from Bešiai village to Adam Prozor, clerk of the Kaunas County Land Court for 37 zloty941549
D0541690.00.00Letter from Casimir Gongid and his wife, stating that he received 500 zloty from Carl Blinstrub, who had pledged the Gelgudowsczyzna or Jankuciai manor in Kulva land of Kaunas county941556
D0551691.09.30The complaint of Carl Blinstrub, owner of Kulva Manor against John and Michael Zebrovskies, residents of Ukmergė district, who robbed Carl Blinstrub serfs returning from Seta market941557
D0561691.10.30Letter from Carl Blinstrub of Vitebsk vajski pledging the estate of Kulva in Kaunas County for 7000 zloty to Michael Petrusevicius941558
D0571694.05.10Letter from the noblewoman Elizabeth Kulvietytė-Slaboševskienė of Ukmergė county, on paying to Carl Blinstrub her debt of her nephews according to her father's will from Žagaliai of Kulva manor in Kaunas county941560
D0581694.00.00Letters of John Kosakowski to Carl Blinstrub in Kulva manor941563
D0591694.05.10Kaunas vajski Michael Korf letter to Carl Blinstrub on taking back bail for 8 peasants of Kulva Manor, who he returns and assures to return his bail agreement941561
D0601695.05.02Letter from Charles Blinstrub and his wife Elizabeth Ruselyte-Blinstrubieen pledging to John Blinstrub and his wife Sophia Narbutaite-Blinstrubiene the folwark of the Kulva Manor Podleszczyzna for 500 zloty941564
D0611696.04.24Inventory of the Kulva Manor Podleszczyzna folwark, written by Carl Blinstrub and his wife Elizabeth Ruselyte Blinstrubiene when folwark was pledged to John Blinstrub941568
D0621696.05.23Mykolas Paplauskis receipt for borrowing 9 talers from Carl Blinstrub in Kulva manor941569
D0631697.04.23Letter from Carl Blinstrub and his wife Elizabeth Blinstrubiene pledging five serfs from Kulva Manor Jonkučiai village for 700 zloty to Baltazar Bilinski941571
D0641697.04.23Letter from Carl Blinstrub and Elizabeth Blinstrubiene, his wife, pledging to Anna Dulskiene the serf of the Kulva Manor, George Sultenis with his family for 300 talers941570
D0651698.04.23Vitebsk vajski Carl Blinstrub letters about pledge of servants of Kulva manor Jonkuciai and Bešiai villages to Kaunas judge John Kosakovskis941573
D0661699.00.00Receipt of Elizabeth Ruselyte-Blinstrubiene given to Theodore and John Blinstrub on returning to them 14000 zloty according to last will of dead husband Vitebsk vajski Calr Blinstrub941584
D0671699.05.02Summons to a court in the case of ID892 John and ID881 Theodore Blinstrubs against rittmeister John Russelis concerning 800 zloty debt941578
D0681699.07.18The case of Zigmantas Juškevičius and Rose Medekšaitė-Juškevičienė against Theodore Blinstrubas, guardian of the property of dead Carl Blinstrubas on 100 talers from Andrius Kulvytis for the Kulva manor Taurota meadow941582
D0691699.08.30Receipt of Andrius Radzevičius for taking various items left at Theodor Blinstrub in Kulva manor by rittmeister John Ruselis 941583
D0701701.02.02Letter to Upytė County obozny Theodore Blinstrub in Kulva941588
D0711701.11.28Letter from a court clerk to Bogdan Blinstrub from Kulva for taking murder charge for killing John Voicechovsky941591
D0721701.00.00Michael Blinstrub's Bond to Upytė obozny Theodore Blinstrub, for borrowed 54 zloty941592
D0731702.10.20The letter of Upytė County obozny Theodore Blinstrubas from Kulva, who borrowed 18 talers from Judge Joseph Budrevičius of Kėdainiai, pledges Maconupiai meadow in Kėdainiai district941594
D0741702.12.12Letter from John Vidzicki to Theodore Blinstrub to Kulva941595
D0751704.04.23Letter from Upytė County obozny Theodore Blinstrub, patron of John's and Moses, deceased brother's Carl children, that pledges peasants of Kulva Manor to Euphrosina Blinstrubaite-Prozoriene941598
D0761705.06.10Receipt of Paul Prozor to Upytė obozny Theodore Blinstrub from Kulva for borrowing 20 talers941600
D0771706.10.24Theodor Blinstrub from Kulva's complaint to Ukmergė eldership on Stephen and Stanislovas Šalkauskas that they had misappropriated the his sisters raids, imprisoned maid Darata and robbed Deltuva Manor941601
D0781707.06.18Letter from Puzin to Theodore Blinstrub, Upytė obozny941602
D0791708.01.27Letter from Alexander Warlowski to Theodore Blinstrub941605
D0801708.00.00Jon Kulwinski bond to Theodore Blinstrub from Kulva for borrowing 48 Zloty941608
D0811709.08.01Kulva manor inventory created by Theodore Blinstrub on lefting over the manor to deceased brother's Carl children Moses, Alexander, Bogdan and Carol Blinstrubs de Towtwil941611
D0821709.09.23Letter from Kaunas County Tax Treasury to Carl Blinstrub, keeper of the Kulva, Dijokiškės and Podleszczyzna manors, regarding the tax of one and a half dom.941612
D0831714.03.09Moses Blinstrub's ascension to Zigmantas Juskevicius and his wife Rose Medeksaitė-Juskeviciene confirming the execution of court decrees941621
D0841716.00.00Letter from Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub, transferring to Jonas Dzievaltauskas estate of Kulva Manor Podleszczyzna folwark under the right of pledge the for 1000 talers941624
D0851717.11.10Letter from Anna Elizabeth Ruselytė-Šalkauskienė from Kulva that she borrowed from Moses Blinstrub's cereals and 5 zloty941625
D0861718.04.20Vitebsk butler Joseph Budrevich's bond to Moses Blinstrub for borrowing 250 silver talers, guaranteed by a brick house in Kėdainiai, Didžioji street941626
D0871718.09.10Abraham Leukovich's receipt for Moses Blinstrub from Kulva, borrowed 20 zloty941628
D0881718.00.00Jonas Dzievaltauskas Gintautas' receipt for Moses Blinstrub after borrowing 90 tymps941630
D0891720.09.02Kaunas County Court decree on summons to the Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub of Kulva against Kaunas Bernardine Monastery for escaped serf941634
D0901720.00.00Letter from Moses Blinstrub to Bonaventur Pashkevich, Priest of Kaunas Franciscan Monastery941635
D0911721.05.12Vilnius Consistory Decree threatening Theodore and Carl Blinstrub, keepers of Kulva Manor, with excommunication for not paying John Parcevski's sums to the Vilnius branch941637
D0921722.06.16Letter from Konstantin Kazimierz Bzhostowski, Bishop of Vilnius on recalling excommunication for Carl and Moses Blinstrubs from Kulva, mediated by Skaruliai pastor Vladislovas Okmianskis941639
D0931722.09.30Narbut's letter to Moses Blinstrub941640
D0941724.02.07Letter from Kaunas County Seimas, according to the ruling of the Grand Duchy of the Treasury of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, to grant Moses Blinstrub of Kulva an additional dom fee for his work in the Grodno commission941641
D0951725.05.01Letter from Samuel Kociol transferring a 30 talers debt from Bogdan Blinstrub to Moses Blinstrub from Kulva941643
D0961728.07.13Letter from Stanislovas Prozoras, certifying that Carl Blinstrub, the keeper of Kulva Manor, paid for 2 pledged serfs of Jonkučiai village and that he returned the deposit for the Vincentiškė folwark941646
D0971728.11.21A receipt from Marianna Bobrova to Carl Blinstrub of Kulva for paying 20 zloty for the coffin of Bogdan Blinstrub 941647
D0981730.03.28George Blinstrub's note that he borrowed 70 zloty from Michael Blinstrub in Podleszczyzna941650
D0991730.05.06Summons to Kaunas District Court for Kulva-Jurkoniai manor owner Michael Blinstrub for non-payment of debt to Elena Šreiteryte-Dzievaltauskienė941652
D1001730.08.08Ukmergė County Court elder announcment to Moses Blinstrub that he will arrive to collect of the sentenced 2,000 talers to Elena Schreiteryte-Dzievaltauskiene from Podleszczyzna folwark941653
D1011730.12.18Letter from Ukmerge elder to Moses Blinstrub, Vitebsk vajski, calling for court hearing on Samuel Mackevich's complaint about unpaid debt941655
D1021731.01.07Receipt of Stephen Barkauskas, priest of Kaunas Franciscan monastery, to receive money for 12 masses for deceased Bogdan Blinstrub of Kulva941657
D1031733.03.16Letter from Kėdainiai Magistrate Jacob Grajis regarding assignment of rights of claim to Moses Blinstrub and 3 letters addressed to Catherine Levistoniene in the same matter941658
D1041733.00.00Letter from the priest of Skaruliai, Vladislav Okmianski to Moses Blinstrub941659
D1051735.06.09Summons to the Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to Moses Blinstrub in a case against the Ukmergė County Cupholder Elena Šreiteryte-Dzievaltauskienė Gintautienė regarding Podleszczyzna941661
D1061736.03.06Letter from Michael Zabiela to Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub941663
D1071738.03.07Letter from Michael Davina Sologub to Moses Blinstrub941665
D1081738.03.29Letters of Kulva manor clerk Paul Benedict Antonevičius to Karol Blinstrub941666
D1091738.00.00Letter from Jerome Grinevich to Moses Blinstrub941668
D1101739.03.15Letter from Sofia Taučiūnaitė-Boniškienė, pledging half of the land of Jonkučiai village of Kulva manor for 250 zloty to Carl Blinstrub, the Vitebsk vajski941669
D1111739.06.24Bond of Carl Blinstrub de Towtwil, keeper of Kulva Manor, to Christopher Boniška for borrowing 50 zloty941670
D1121740.06.22Receipt of Benedict Stanislovas Giedraitis, butler of Vilnius Voivodeship to Moses and Carl Blinstrubs, upon completion of the case on pledged lands of Bešiai and Jonkučiai941670
D1131740.06.27Benedict Stanislovas Giedraitis letter that after receiving two horses worth of 700 talers each, from Moses Blinstrub, he waives the rights to the Kulva manor inherited from his grandmother Margarita Blumbergaitė Bžežinskienė Prozorienė941672
D1141740.07.12Bond of Vitebsk vajski Carl Blinstrub and Moses Blinstrub from Kulva to Eleonora Sielaviniene from Estkai for borrowed 50 zloty941673
D1151744.03.03The first testament of Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub de Towtwil who writes to his wife Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė and relatives Podlesczyzna and Kulva manors, Vincentiškis and Chudas folwarks941677
D1161756.06.20The second testament of Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub de Towtwil, who writes to his wife Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė and relatives Podleszczyzna and Kulva manors, Vincentiškis and Chudas folwarks941677
D1171744.06.02Kaunas eldership court announces to Carll and Moses Blinstrubs that they will arrive at their Kulva manor for the sum of 2,810 zloty awarded to Yelensky941678
D1181744.06.05Upytė tax collector summons to Moses and Karol Blinstrubs from Kulva Manor in debt case941679
D1191745.10.02Summoning of Kaunas County Judge and elder to Moses, Carll and Gertrude Blinstrubs in a case brought by Kaunas Franciscan Guard Petras Vizanovsky and the whole monastery regarding the outstanding 660 talers debt941680
D1201746.05.15Letter from Kazimierz Kleczkowski to Moses Blinstrub941681
D1211748.05.21Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub and his wife Gertrude Blinstrubiene 700 talers bond issued to Kaunas Franciscan Monastery and secured by the Podleszczyzna folwark of Kulva Manor941683
D1221749.11.17Complaint by Moses and Carl Blinstrubs from Kulva of Kaunas Bernardine Monastery regarding the resettlement of a Bernardine peasant to the Kulva-Podlesszczyzn folwark in Kaunas county941685
D1231756.05.14Darevsky-Verycha's letters to Moses Blinstrub941694
D1241758.06.14Letter from Vitebsk Fruit Moses Blinstrub, pledging to his wife Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė the Kulva-Podleszczyzna folwark with all movable and immovable property941696
D1251759.04.04Letter from Casimir Kulvinski to Moses Blinstrub941698
D1261760.04.04Letter from Joseph Meištavicius transferring the land of Pajuostis in Upytė county and lands in Kulva, Podlesczyzna in Kaunas County to Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub941698
D1271761.09.12The case of Moses Blinstrub and Joseph Meištavicius with the administrator of Kaunas County Judge Marijona Zabielaitė-Kosakovskienė and her son941700
D1281762.08.05Invitation of Kaunas District Judge and Vitebsk cup bearer Simonas Sirutis to Moses Blinstrub and Juozas Meištavičius in their case with Viktor Kociel and others regarding the ownership of Dijokiškė Manor in Kulva941701
D1291763.03.10Inventory of Kulva Manor in Kaunas County written after the death of Carl Blinstrub, Vitebsk vajski and his wife Ieva Domeikaitė-Blinstrubienė941703
D1301764.05.07Testament of Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė, in which she leaves Kulva-Podleščyzsa land for daughters, leaves various sums of money for daughters and relatives, leaves funds the churches of Skaruliai and Žeimeliai941705
D1311764.06.06Joseph Meištavicius receipt for lifting the lien on Moses Blinstrub property941706
D1321764.06.07Inventory of Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė money, clothing and other items found in her two chests after her death941707
D1331764.06.07List of money and belongings left to daughter Jurazeviciene by Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė, keeper of Kulva Podleszczyzna folwark941708
D1341766.11.09Receipt of Kaunas City Judge Joseph Meištavičius to the Dominican Dominican Monastery that Inocent Skorulski, the administrator of the monastery, gave him fathers in law Moses Blinstrub's of Kulva money 2400 zloty941709
D1351767.12.01Letter from Jacob Domeika, guardian of Charles Blinstrub's children and property, leaving over Kulva Manor with Jonkučiai, Bešiai, Čičinai, Čiūdai and other villages to the adult Dominic Blinstrub941710
D1361768.01.27Letter from V. Okmianski to Theodore Blinstrub941711
D1371770.05.02Summons to the Supreme Tribunal for Elizabeth Meištavičienė and her sons, their patrons Blinstrubs from Kulva and Kaunas Dominican Monastery in their case concerning passed away Gertrude Blinstrubiene dowry941712
D1381778.06.23Letter from Dominic Blinstrub, concerning donation to his brother, Anthony Blinstrub a part of the Kulva manor in Kaunas County, which was inherited from their father Carl Blinstrub941717
D1391786.10.26The case of Benedict Korsak and Ignatius Pileckis with Blinstrubs, Kaunas Dominican Monastery and others regarding the legacy of Moses Blinstrub and Gertrude Vyšniauskaitė-Blinstrubienė941723
D1401788.04.02Letter from Joseph Kulwinski which pleads 800 zloty to Anthony Blinstrub941725
D1411790.07.01Summons to Kaunas District Court, obduction of a tax collector in the case of Adam Kozakauskas and Anthony Blinstrub on beating of servants and peasants of Kulva Manor and other matters941728
D1421791.11.02Summon to Anthony Blinstrub of Judge of the Kaunas County Castle Court Joseph Dijokevičius, in a case with Andrew Belgard regarding the debt941730
D1431793.06.17Sale act of Ignatius and Sofia Lakaviciai selling to Anthony Blinstrub a valak of land called Prokapiškės in Kulva, Kaunas county, for 500 zloty941731
D1441794.00.00Pasquille against Kaunas County Marshal Anthony Blinstrub de Towtwil and the defenders of the independence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania killed in 1791.V.3 by the Polish constitution defenders941732
D1451796.04.23Letter from Albrecht Wielkiewicz and his wife, for borrowing 800 zloty to Anthony Blinstrub from Kulva941733
D1461797.05.16Summons to Kaunas County Land Court against Kaunas bulter Anthony Blinstrub from Kulva in a case involving Joseph Chrapicki and Joana Medeiksaite-Chrapickiene for a debt in money and cereals941735
D1471797.06.00Report by Nikodem Midelton, Judge of Kaunas County Castle Court, on the case of Adam Kozakowski, Chairman of the County of Kaunas County, with Anthony Blinstrub regarding 40000 zloty, Kulva Sangailiškės forest and Jurkoniai village941736
D1481801.12.16Summons to Kaunas County Land Court for Ignotas and Domicela Pileckis, Antanas and Barbara Šatinskis, Joseph Korsak in a case with Euphemia Blinstrubaite-Mejeriene on the legacy of Gertrude Blinstrubiene941743
D1491667.07.23Oborsky's letter to Samuel Blinstrub and Galmantas about damage to Bartoniai folwark, submitted by Chairman of Kaunas Land Court Adam Kozakowski94642
D1501737.02.28Letter from Bonaventur Pashkevich to Carl Blinstrub94659
D1511738.03.21The Case of Theophile Paškevičienė-Barkauskienė against Vitebsk vajski Moses Blinstrub of Kulva for debt of 660 talers94663
D1521746.12.16Judgment of Vilnius Consistory by Theofilė Barkauskienė of Bartoniai and Kaunas Franciscan Guardian Bonaventur Paškevičius in case against Moses Blinstrub and his wife Gertrūda Blinstrubienė94668
D1531659.00.00Letter from Samuel Blinstrub pledging Chekuva folwark in Ariogala county to Stanislav and Marianna Jablonski from Ukmergė district for 2500 zloty94755
D1541692.07.13Carl Blinstrub, Vitebsk vajski, agreement with Joseph Gintautas on payment for pledged Pašetulė folwark in Ukmergė County942486
D1551643.06.10Petition of Samuel Blinstrub's from Pašetulė folwark to a court for David Blinstrub to be summoned to recognize 1000 zloty legacy942499
D1561702.00.00Bulletin of Theodore Blinstrub Upytė County camper concerning flag soldiers and money paid to them9414
D1571708.02.06A letter from the nobility of Kaunas County, in which Theodore Blinstrub, a camper of Upytė county, delegates to be a hiberna tax collector for the province of Kaunas of 1708.9415
D1581694.01.24Acts of Kareiviškė Manor redemption from John Blinstrub and his wife Sofia Narbutaitė and pledge to Michael Szwerin93510
D1591695.00.00Extract from the canon of the Provincial Synod of Vilnius Evangelical Church of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania regarding the redemption of the Kareiviškė folwark from John Blinstrub and pledge to Michael Szwerin for 5000 zloty93512
D1601688.07.02Jonas Kozarinas pledge act on a Kareiviškės folwark of the Evangelical Reformed Synod of Vilnius for John Blinstrub and his wife Sofia Daugėlaitė93509
D3091705.09.20Letter from the King of Poland and Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania August II, authorizing the transfer of Sasiai district in Veliuona county of ID913 Elena Puzinytė Blinstrubienė to Simon Zabiela and his wife Magdalena942702
D3101707.03.13ID913 Letter from Elena Puzinytė Bilevičienė Blinstrubienė concerning transferring village of Bakainiai, Pakruostė, Lažai and Užupė in Sasiai district of Veliuona county to Simon Zabiela and his wife Magdalena942703
D4501700.06.28Decision of the Supreme Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the case of ID887 Johannes Merkel Blinstrub against Peter Sčiuka regarding 8000 zloty from Viduklė-Paalsė manor943001
D4511719.03.10ID887 Moses Timothey Blinstrub's letter to his brother ID890 Carl, asking to come to Raseiniai on Sunday concerning court case943002
D4521739.05.20Letter from ID887 Moses Timothey Blinstrub to the swordsman of Vilnius county Francis Gorski943004
D4531663.06.19Assurance of Vilnius Jew Jakob Moizheshovicz to ID859 Samuel Moses Blinstrub de Towtwil to repay the debt by pledging the Arnioniai manor in Vilnius county942993
D4541720.07.03Letter of conciliation of ID906 George Merkel Blinstrub terminating the case againts ID887 Moses Blinstrub and Michael Varlauskas regarding their attack on Viduklė-Paalsė manor in Viduklė county943003
D4551660.10.09Pledging act of ID859 Samuel and Catherine Blinstrubs from Kulva manor in which they pledged the Plemberg Manor in Ariogala county to Walter Corf and his wife Regina Oginskyte-Korfiene942614
D4561697.03.07Documents of Lida Castle court case against ID863 Boguslav Peter Blinstrub de Towtwil regarding the demolition of Viduklė Calvinist chapel and cemetery931646