Fund raising monumental stone

The noble Blinstrubs family has been living in Lithuania for more than 460 years. During this long period, it almost disappeared several times due to wars, diseases and other reasons, but it’s history continues. History that has been hidden for more than a century in historical documents, has come into the light and reached the descendants of the family. The main task of our generation is that the memory of the noble Blinstrubs family do not sink into oblivion again. During the last meeting of the Blinstrubs family, we voted yes to proposal to build a memorial stone on the site of former Blinstrubiškiai (Viduklė-Paalsė) manor, which going to remind about our family a hundred or two hundred years later. It’s also going to be a common place for all Blinstrubs who will be able to bring their relatives or friends to the place and tell about Blinstrubs family history and people.

A team of family enthusiasts – Vincas Blinstrubas, a member of Raseiniai District Council, p. Juozas Kazimieras Blistrabas, Bronius and Adelė Blistrubiai with daughter Vaida and family genealogist and historian Šarūnas Blinstrubas is working to realize this project. Algimantas Ivancevičius, a farmer from Gintalai village of Varniai eldership, donated the stone to the family. The estimated cost of the project is about 1500-1600 euros, which includes crane and truck transportation to the stone workshop and to Blinstrubiškiai, text engraving, preparation of the ground and consecration of the monument. You can see in the attached visualization how the stone is going to look a like in Blinstrubiškiai. In order to realize this project, donation of funds is necessary. An approximate amount of donation could be about 50-60 euros (60-70 $) per family. 

In order to make a donation via bank transfer, please transfer funds to SEB bank account in Lithuania: LT497044000008631443 Beneficiary: Sarunas Blinstrubas. Address: P. Luksio 19-34, Kaunas, LT-49388, Lithuania. Purpose: Donation for monumental stone. Bank SWIFT code (BIC): CBVILT2X  Transfers in US dollars and Euros are acceptable.

Donations via PayPal to email address or via „Donate“ button below are also acceptable:

Fund raising is open until 1st. October. The names of all donors, regardless donated amount, will be published on this website, in donors list. Once the stone is laid, all donors will be able to receive a detailed summary of project costs.
Thank you in advance!